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Beechgrove is on at 7:30pm on Thursday 2nd October on BBC2 Scotland and on Sunday 5th October at 07:20am on BBC2 network. 

All 4 seasons in one colourful day at Beechgrove as Jim and Carole take a look at what’s colouring up in the Equinox Border; which is a border that is designed to look particularly attractive at both equinoxes.  Carole, Jane and Jim also set up a cheerful spring bedding display for next year while Jim checks on the progress of his overwintering veggies.

Chris visits his new build families for the last time this year.  Far from battening down the hatches for winter, both families are still busy in their new gardens.  Susan in Cove is setting up a compost bin and adding bulbs and winter bedding to her ornamental garden.  Meanwhile Anna in Portlethen has certainly caught the Grow Your Own veggies bug and Chris takes stock of her harvest and plants garlic and brassicas in pots for early crops next year.  

Jim is in his element at the autumnal Fife Flower Show. This show is all about growing for showing and Jim is surrounded by prize Chrysanths and Dahlias and those big showy show veg.

 Here's a sneak peak of this week's programme.



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Programme 22 - Autumn Leaves

Chris explores the science behind Autumn foliage and the conditions required for glorious colour.