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We're spring loaded...

On the programme on the 23rd April...

In the Beechgrove Garden our very own valuable heirloom, Jim is planting ‘heirloom veg’ to compare performance with contemporary interlopers while Carole starts off her tatties in containers for small gardens. 

Showing that he has very high standards as always, Jim also shows how to train a whole range of plants into standards; some standard standards that you would expect alongside some more unusual specimens given the standard treatment.

This is our first visit of what will be monthly visits to Scone Palace garden and this week Head Gardener, Brian Cunningham unveils his plans for a tribute to local plant hunter, David Douglas as he designs and plants a Douglas Trail through the palace grounds.  Best known for the eponymous Douglas Fir, David Douglas, born in Scone in 1799 introduced a treasure trove of plants to the UK and Brian is including as many of them as possible in the tribute trail.

When Euan and Jenny Maclean moved into their new build house in Linlithgow it was the house of their dreams.  It was however accompanied by less than ideal ‘garden’.  Over the course of this series, Chris is going to guide the new to gardening couple to turn a nightmare space into a garden to match their dream home.


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Programme 5 - Handy Hints

Advice on how to keep the canopy of pollarded or coppiced trees energised and handy hints for planting, feeding and keeping daffodils healthy.